Blood and Organs



Transportation of Biological Sustances for Hospitals

In case of a hospital needs blood or organs for transfusions or transplants, PHSE offers advanced vehicles, fully equipped with all the necessary as per current regulations.

Blood and organs transportation is as important as a code red transport, that’s why that the role vehicles are always efficient and to the highest specification and are subject to a stringent safety and service plans.

PHSE offers a highly qualified personnel in order to give the highest level of attention while in its care.

PHSE is supported by a control tower 24/7, which constantly monitors any temperature, traffic or weather data. Because PHSE cares your life.

Don’t need just a courier but a specialized team 24/7

Life, is likened to, a
piece of fine crystal. It can be
beautiful, or in a moments notice,
be shattered, beyond repair.
© Joe Fazio