PHSE, a leading company in pharmaceutical logistics, controlled by Eddy De Vita, executive president and majority shareholder, and participated by NB Aurora – which indirectly holds a 30,8% stake – in addition to the three founding partners, announces that it has signed an agreement for the acquisition of 70% of Transporte de Carga Biologica Express Ltda “Bio Transportes”, a Brazilian company specializing in the temperature-controlled transport of materials for clinical trials, drugs and vaccines, with a strong focus on the distribution of biological samples and bone marrow. The founders of the company, Vanessa and Sandra Rodrigues, will retain a 30%  stake and will continue to manage the business.

Through this transaction, PHSE, which in 2021 recorded consolidated revenues of around 45 million euros, up 40% compared to 2020, is able to further expand the Group’s presence abroad, offering increasingly global solutions for the cold chain of the healthcare sector.

Bio Transportes, based in São Paulo, was founded in 2011 by the sisters Vanessa and Sandra Rodrigues, becoming, in just over ten years, a reference service provider for the specialist distribution, by land and by air, of biological samples, clinical trials and drugs on behalf of the main research and development organizations in Brazil. As well as its headquarters in São Paulo, the company also has branches in Ribeiro Preto, Curitiba, Recife, and Goiania. Bio Transportes is IATA certified, and has a diverse (65% female employees) and inclusive culture, which is a particular strength of the company.

Its vehicle fleet, mainly specialist vans, meets the regulatory requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. Vehicles are equipped with GPS satellite detection systems capable of collecting continuous information on the position and temperature of the vehicle (constantly recorded by probes installed inside the load compartment), made available in real time on a dedicated tracking platform. There is also a fleet of motorbikes with which the company offers an express urban delivery service in the São Paulo area.

This is the fourth acquisition made by PHSE since the beginning of 2021, the third abroad after TEK Freight in the United Kingdom, and the Rapida Time & Temperature in India, expanding its global network to support its customers.

“Our skills in the sector create an ideal platform to fully realize the potential of Bio Transportes which in the next few years will continue in its development plan which foresees the opening of other platforms in Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza” said Eddy De Vita, Executive President, PHSE.

“We are very proud of what we have achieved to date, but, as part of the PHSE Group will now be able to provide a broader range of services to our customers in Brazil”, said Sandra Rodrigues, Bio Transportes.

For the current year, the Group expects a further increase in revenues, driven both by the new acquisitions and the strong development of traditional businesses like Global Forwarding and Home Care, as well as the commencement of new activities, such as the transport of radiopharmaceuticals.


About Bio Transportes

Bio Transportes is one of few courier companies in Brazil with specialist partners in each country, in order to enable the international shipment of its customers’ goods. The company offers services by air and land, and is the leader in the National transportation of temperature controlled pharmaceutical products, with a strong focus on the distribution of biological samples and bone marrow. Founded in 2011, and today with some 80 employees and a proprietary fleet of vehicles, it now has 5 branches spread across Brazil. Sandra Rodrigues has more than 20 years experience in providing specialist courier services, and handling biological samples and sensitive pharmaceutical products. Together with her sister, Vanessa, they have created market leading processes and procedures, and have established Bio Transportes as a leader in temperature controlled distribution in Brazil.

The company has all of the authorizations necessary to transport sensitive materials by road and by air, and holds the appropriate Ministry of Health Certificates both locally and nationally.


About PHSE

PHSE is today a market leader in the transport and distribution of hospital and home temperature controlled pharmaceutical products, unique in Italy for the type of services offered and expertise. PHSE is one of the few international providers specialized exclusively in the biopharma segment and in the management of worldwide shipments (by air, land and sea) of pharmaceutical products and clinical trials in support of clinical research, at any temperature required. Founded in 2002, in almost 20 years of history, the company has developed a high level of specialization serving more than 50% of the Italian 2-8°C distribution market. The co-investment agreement, reached in December 2019 between entrepreneur Eddy De Vita and NB Aurora to take over control of PHSE, marked an important step in PHSE business development and brought managerial expertise and new financial resources to accelerate the company’s growth path. With 470 employees and proprietary fleet of more than 392 new generation vehicles, PHSE now has 26 branches with GDP warehouses, as well as its subsidiary Innoplus, a leading manufacturer and distributor of validated packaging solutions and intelligent devices capable of tracking any shipment data. Over the years, PHSE has received IATA CEIV Pharma certifications, ISO 9001-2015 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environment), TAPA TSR (Safety) and the Authorization to Transport Radioactive Material by Road. PHSE is compliant with GDP guidelines.

Fonte: PHSE press release

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